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OEM Service

01. Quote

When receiving customer's physical sample or tech-pack , we will check all details including quality and price of fabric& trims, workmanship and CMT, make pattern to calculate the consumption and make quotation list.


02. Arrange samples

After price confirmed, the counter sample will be made in our sample room and submit to customer for approval and wait comments to improve until the sample is approved.


03. Place Purchase Order

When receiving PO, we will send PI and Contract for customers to arrange deposit.


04. Lab dips approval

When fabric and trims quality confirmed, we submit lab dips for bulk production approval.


05. Purchasing bulk fabric and trims 

After received deposit and approved lab dips comments, we start purchase bulk fabric and trims. And once the bulk finished, we send bulk fabric and trims for quality and color approval.


06. PPS approval stage

When bulk fabric and trims approved, we will use bulk fabric and trims to make PPS for final approval.


07. Paper Pattern and Workmanship

When PPS approved for production, we will ask our technologist to write the workmanship to guarantee the workmanship same as approved PPS. Also, we will ask our pattern maker to make the pattern grading.


07. Commence Mass Production

Cutting, sewing, inspecting. The whole products will be inspected by our QC departmen.


08. Start packaging and shipping

We will strictly guarantee the quality before shipment and ensure on-time delivery.